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About Me

My name is Win. I'm a 12 year old kid that makes videos about Dominoes, Vlogs, and other kind of content on YouTube. Win has 2 main channels.
1. Win's Dominoes
2. Win Pattanaphol.
Win's Dominoes Channel contains Domino Videos, Some Vlogs, and Comment Review Video.
Win Pattanaphol Channel is a channel that contains Vlogs, Education and some other stuffs.
I started making Domino Videos when I was 9 or Grade 3 (In Thai) I was inspired by Hevesh5 the largest Domino Channel in the Domino Community.
Then many years later my channel grew up to about over 300 Subscribers. But, right now I'm trying to also push my Vlog Channel to be at 100 Subscribers.
So, please Subscribe to my vlog channel Win Pattanaphol and my Domino Channel. Win's Dominoes.

Domino Picture